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NaNoWriMo #6 part two

I was supposed to post this yesterday but things conspired to help me forget. Nothing bad, though, just life which gets in the way of everything that needs to be done, right? At the beginning of this I set a daily word count goal of 2000 per day and as an average I’ve hit that. […]

Stories Are A Luxury

My writer friends may take exception with this, but I don’t think the world needs stories. Stories are a luxury. This idea that stories (and any other form of art) are somehow a necessity is false. It’s a notion that we artistic types often perpetuate because we’re trying to assuage our own insecurity about the […]

Remixing in Writing

For this week’s exploration [0] let us delve into my little used fiction writing side and talk about my flash fiction piece published on this very site just a few weeks ago. The thing with the mountain lion? Totally happened to some friends of mine. Every part of that story was stolen from somewhere else […]