About the Cafe

n. A spontaneous narrative report of events that never happened.

The Confabulator Cafe is an ever-growing writer-run blog coming from the heartland. We started as a blog hub for the Lawrence Writers’ Group, focusing on periodic fiction and any topic writing-adjacent. We started in 2012, and had a good run until the inevitable happened: the blog stagnated. We ran out of things to write about. So we did what we loved: we started writing fiction.

We’ve been fiction-only since 2015, and are nearing five years of publishing regular monthly fiction. Look to your left, and you’ll see a collection of our current stories. (Unless you’re on a cell phone. It’s somewhere.) Want to see everything we’ve published? Check out our fiction archive. You can see all our contributors, past and present, on the contributors page. They’re a great group of writers.

The Cafe is run by Sara Lundberg. At the moment submissions are only open to local members of the local Lawrence Writers’ Group. If that changes, the website will be updated accordingly.