To all the things we leave behind,

The broken hearts, the dying dreams

The gravestones and the unknowns.


Is it better to be the one who’s gone,

Or the one who’s left behind?

To be haunted by the ghosts of death,

Or the ghosts of unknown Fate?


To all the things we leave behind,

The broken dreams, the dying hearts

The homes we’ve loved and lost.


Is parting such sweet sorrow,

Or sorrow compounded upon sorrow?

What loss of love is there that’s sweet,

And not a caustic blend of grief?


To all the things we leave behind,

May you find hope when pain is gone.

Isabel Nee loves reading, writing, science, birds, and mythology. She sporadically practices archery, and is known to research rare genetic disorders which she then inflicts on her characters. Isabel has had prose and poetry published in elementia magazine and Showcase Selections ~ 2016. She is currently writing a YA fantasy novel, and hopes to some day become a professional novelist. Isabel lives in Kansas where she hatches chickens and (she would like to think) great ideas.

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