Aspen Junge

Blessed Omeka

Omeka dreamed, and in her dreams she was entirely her own. Omeka dreamed of dancing in the clubs to swirling, skirling music, joining hands and parting them to the rhythm of the music, of lifts and flourishes and twirling. Omeka dreamed of Duc, who ran all the extralegal establishments in this District, waving her over, […]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I have no idea how the universal translator works. It just does. The thing about keeping bar in an interdimensional speakeasy is that nobody really speaks English, except for myself, and I don’t speak Alien. Nobody really speaks “Alien.” “Alien” isn’t one language, it’s every language, and even some modes of communication I’m not certain […]

The Muse of Suicide

They are pretty, aren’t they? This bracelet is my very favorite thing. It has taken a long time to collect these charms. Each one is a very special memory of someone very dear to me. Everyone deserves to be remembered, don’t they? Especially beloved friends. Do you see these baby shoes? They’re not for a […]

Old Mother Nitala

Old Mother Nitala crouched comfortably on her sun-warmed rock, as she had since almost the beginning of days, and prepared to great the next soul. This one approached tentatively, staring about her with wide eyes. When she saw Old Mother Nitala, she stopped. Old Mother Nitala gazed at this one thoughtfully. She was dressed in […]

Lessone the Firste

“Magick is Intention and Power directed through Focus toward Result— Focus being the Artefact and the Worde.” — Lessone the Firste ********** “Morning Quinn! How’s the world treating you today?” “Just fine, Sam. How are you?” “Dandy. Just dandy. Do you have any phones, cameras, or data storage devices on your person?” Sam recited the […]