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Stories Are A Luxury

My writer friends may take exception with this, but I don’t think the world needs stories. Stories are a luxury. This idea that stories (and any other form of art) are somehow a necessity is false. It’s a notion that we artistic types often perpetuate because we’re trying to assuage our own insecurity about the […]

All That Surrounds Me

All sorts of things have triggered something in my head and gotten the idea rolling, then the idea takes hold and I go along and start working it out as I mentioned here. But what kinds of things trigger that moment of inspiration? I’m glad you asked because I was going to if you didn’t. […]

You Influence Me, You Really Influence Me

Everything I see, everything I do, eat, touch, and hear influences my writing in some way. Television gives me an idea of what works and what doesn’t in character reactions and motivations. Sometimes If I can figure out within the first five minutes of a show who the murderer is, maybe something went wrong in […]