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The Lackluster Finish

I was really hoping to be able to make a sizeable dent in the bonus round this year.  That’s what I call any amount of words over 50,000.  I’ve never been able to write more than a few hundred words in the bonus round, which is a bit disappointing to me.  Heck, I even looked […]

NaNo Rebellion

I didn’t mean to end up as a rebel this year.  It just kinda… happened.  My first novel concept completely fell through, none of my backup ideas had enough substance to become a novel, and even my idea to write a mini-anthology of related short stories fell through.  I had to do something. So I […]

A little lost. A little found.

Well, it’s day 20. Today we should all be crossing 33,300 words. I am not there and I won’t be for a while. Part of that is being hit by this virus that’s taken out half the writing group now. For three days last weekend I struggled to reach even 100 words a day. It […]

The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Written

I haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo since 2012, but I’m still reaping the writing rewards of that one year. My fiction before that NaNoWriMo had been mostly successful. All of my plays were awarded staged readings and most of my short stories got published. Of course, I had only written two plays and three short stories […]