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NaNoWriMo #6 part two

I was supposed to post this yesterday but things conspired to help me forget. Nothing bad, though, just life which gets in the way of everything that needs to be done, right? At the beginning of this I set a daily word count goal of 2000 per day and as an average I’ve hit that. […]

Panning for Gold in the Dark

A couple of weeks back the fabulous Confabulators weighed in on where their writing ideas come from.  I may backtrack a bit over some of that territory, because where they come from seems to be connected to the ideas I end up pursuing past the ‘idea’ stage. Looking back on the thousands of words I’ve […]

Editing: Just saying ‘no’

It’s never easy to tell yourself “no.” We live in a world where we we are programmed to eat large portions, fill our wish lists with the latest gadgets and toys, and give in to every impulse buy imaginable. So it’s difficult to show restraint and say no. Especially in one’s own writing. As a […]