NaNoWriMo #6 part two

2013-Participant-Square-ButtonI was supposed to post this yesterday but things conspired to help me forget. Nothing bad, though, just life which gets in the way of everything that needs to be done, right?

At the beginning of this I set a daily word count goal of 2000 per day and as an average I’ve hit that. However there’ve been a couple of days when I didn’t make that mark. Luckily there’ve been several days when I far exceeded that mark and thus I’m at 21,767 words in nine days. Not too shabby, eh?

Yesterday, instead of posting here as I was supposed to, I wrote over 3100 words which made up for one day where I only wrote 1300 and one day I wrote 1700 plus a little extra. At the end of the day I checked my progress this year versus the last couple of years and I’m on pace, or just a little behind, where I’ve been. The conclusion I came to is that when I’m in NaNoWriMo, blasting away at the story that will eventually be shaped by revision, rewrite and rethinking into a novel, I’m pretty consistent.

So that’s the process part of where I’m at this year. How about the story? I can hear one of you ask.

Well, thanks for asking. I’m way off the map that I laid out despite starting strong on the plot I’d already planned ahead for. But I tweeted this yesterday:

NaNoWriMo tweet










which I absolutely believe. I’m a fifth of the way through my planned draft and even though the big beats are being hit, they’re being hit in a way that’s different than what I thought I would drive. I think that the preplanning I did got some junk out of my system so that I wouldn’t be trying to write it in the throes of NaNo. But if I do get stuck here, I’ve got something already prepared and I can work my way back toward it if I need.

I’m hoping for another 3K word day today (Sunday). We’ll see how it goes. If the worst part of NaNo is that I forget I’m supposed to update you here and I’m a little late doing that, well, that means that the Zero Draft is coming along nicely.

Good luck to you. Hope your writing is going just a well as mine.

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