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There Ain’t No Road Too Long

I had never heard of the concept of a zero draft before I started hanging out with The Confabulators. It is a nice idea. The zero draft  gives you permission to write garbage and worry about sorting it into recyclable materials later. However, I’ve never had an issue with my willingness to write garbage. The […]

Forgive me, Padre

Forgive me, Padres, for I have sinned. And I will continue to sin, throughout the month of November. My confession? I edit. During NaNoWriMo. I edit every single day. Sometimes more than once. I probably spend as much time editing during November as I do writing. There. I said it. Now, let me explain. (shh, […]

No secrets here

Editing secrets? I don’t have any editing secrets. In fact, I am really excited to read everyone else’s posts revealing their editing secrets this week so that I can steal them. I have no editing process because I have yet to significantly edit anything. In general, when I’ve “edited” a manuscript, I’ve made cosmetic changes: […]

Who are you and what do you want?: Developing characters and finishing what I start

Back when I never finished anything, I used to just give my characters a name and a situation and watch the ‘fun’. But it wasn’t enough, I cannot be pantsless (See Confabulator Ted Boone’s Pants are optional. Plans are not. | Confabulator Cafe.) and I never finished anything! And it wasn’t all that fun, either.  […]