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Energizer Bunny

Funny thing about this year’s NaNo? I’m still going. Last week I wrote about the abrupt stop of the NaNo train. That happened, just as predicted. But I seem to have jumped off, unscathed, and still on my feet. Granted, the first of December wasn’t my best day: I went backwards more than two thousand […]

F’ing Insufficient

When I initially started thinking about this week’s post, I had every intention of writing about the same mundane roadblocks that many writer’s face: the distractions of television and the internet, the necessity of work, keeping up with household chores, taking care of kids/pets/whatever, etc. It would have been quite the exciting post, let me […]

Who are you and what do you want?: Developing characters and finishing what I start

Back when I never finished anything, I used to just give my characters a name and a situation and watch the ‘fun’. But it wasn’t enough, I cannot be pantsless (See Confabulator Ted Boone’s Pants are optional. Plans are not. | Confabulator Cafe.) and I never finished anything! And it wasn’t all that fun, either.  […]