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Getting Away

I like to be entertained by stories. I want to be taken away to a place I’ve never been or to see place I’m familiar with in a new way. That’s not asking too much, is it? Now, don’t get me wrong – we need all kinds of stories. We learn from them, we are […]

We Will Always Need Cautionary Tales

After Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 — his dystopian novel of a world where books are burned — he reportedly told interviewers “I wasn’t trying to tell the future, I was trying to prevent it.” Fahrenheit 451 is a cautionary tale, like so many of my favorite stories. If you think about it, some of the best stories are those […]

There Are No Stories Here

The world doesn’t need stories. Stories are purely entertainment, a way to fritter away time better spent being constructive. Think of the money we would all save without stories. Books, of course—that’s the obvious one. We could get rid of all the bookcases around our house, as well as the expensive e-readers. I know a […]

Escaping Reality

Every person has their own reason for picking up a book. Sometimes it is because a teacher has given them an assignment, other times it is because they need to escape to a fantasy world, and sometimes it is simply for the sheer delight of reading. The world needs stories. It needs people to come […]

Stories to Keep the Mind Engaged

Because the human brain is what it is, we need stories. I think the first stories started as oral history – life lessons and wisdom passed down through generations. The history of our people is important. In theory, it helps prevent us making the same mistakes over again. Stories can impart morals by example – […]