Ted Boone

Faith Failures (and recoveries)

NaNoWriMo 2013 is about to draw to a close, and in a few hours I’ll be putting another notch in my belt. Nine years, nine wins. Not bad, eh? This year was definitely a challenge. I really fought to stay motivated. I’ve already discussed the fact that I have quite a few very legitimate distractions […]

Leading by [poor] example

Every year I find that I challenge my local WriMos to do things the right way, despite the fact that their ML (that’s me) doesn’t. “Turn off your inner editor!” I tell them, while continually editing, revising, and amending my writing from the previous day, hour, minute. “Write quickly. Just let it flow!” I agonize […]


Slogfest (or: 13,470 Words Written, Each One a Challenge) Sometimes inspiration just isn’t there.¬†Anyone who pursues a creative project knows that some days (heck, MOST days) the inspiration to create is completely missing from the equation.¬†And even when we’re inspired, we’re not necessarily motivated. That’s where I am so far this year. I have an […]

Value Proposition

Here’s why NaNoWriMo is so important to me: today I did not feel like writing. That’s not an unusual day. In fact, out of the 365 days in a year, I’d say that ~300 are days that I do not feel like writing. And out of those ~300 days, at least half (and probably a […]

Backwards, Forwards

Disclaimer: Given I’m always late on my submissions, I get to peek to see what everyone else is doing during the weekly assignments. I see that many folks are looking at all of the various assignments and weighing in on the entire body of work that is Confabulator. I, however, originally thought the question posed […]