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Because I have no good excuse to not write

Because of life. Because of time. Because of too little time. Because of too much time. Because I’m at a renaissance festival. Because I’m preparing for a renaissance festival. Because I’m recovering from a renaissance festival. Because I have to do dishes. Because I have to do laundry. Because I have to cook dinner. Because […]

A Mostly-True Tale

“I need to write tonight,” I say. I just got home from an extra-long day at work. “I didn’t get anything done this morning.” Well, that’s not strictly true. I did get a lot done: I exercised for forty minutes; put one load of laundry in the dryer, washed another and got it into the […]

The Redwood Retreat

Once upon a time, in the fabled woods of the writing life, a quaint cottage nestled in the trunk of a giant redwood.  A magic garden provided food for its inhabitant(s) with just the tiniest bit of foraging; a fresh stream ran through the kitchen.  Inside the cottage stood a desk and many shelves of […]

Four horsemen

Too much time on my hands. Not enough deadlines. No vision. Worries. These are the four horsemen of the apocalypse. “Too much time on my hands” is a tricky fellow. He appears at first to be a blessing. I think, “Now I will have time to finish that novel.” But no, it does not work […]

Writer’s Obstacle Course

Chapter 1… *blinking cursor* First sentence, first sentence. Let’s see. Hmm. It’s got to be grabby. My main character has to be in the middle of something, something crazy and chaotic. Well, I can clearly see her in my head, rushing around with pillows and blankets, her house overrun by needy supernatural creatures of all […]