Muriel Green

Muriel is the creator of 'Documinutes: 60 second documentaries' and a contributor to the podcast 'This Manic Mama.'

Write it down!

Everyone has an idea for a story. To dream up ideas is a part of being human. Writing down an idea is what changes you from being a dreamer to being a writer. When an idea is unwritten it is half-real like a dream. Writing it down is the act of creation. Writing is making […]

5 Ways to Avoid Character Confusion

When I’m writing I can picture all the characters from my story interacting. In my mind they are fully realized individuals with their own strengths and personalities. They entertain me with their uniqueness, their specific way of speaking and their wacky fashion statements. It’s easy to forget that a reader coming to my work fresh […]

Right Brain, Left Brain

I don’t use existing hobbies as part of my writing because they fulfill a different need. For example, I knit but I don’t write about knitting because my knitting mind is different from my writing mind. My knitting mind is calm and analytical. Sometimes I think about mundane problems while I’m knitting and this helps […]

Bad Dreams (Flash Fiction)

“Maybe it was something I ate.” Claire said out loud, wiping sweat off the bridge of her nose with the sleeve of her t-shirt. Dan started at her, his head still on the pillow, his eyes foggy with sleep. “I’ll go spend the rest of the night on the couch.” Claire said to him. “You […]