Because I have no good excuse to not write

Because of life.
Because of time.
Because of too little time.
Because of too much time.
Because I’m at a renaissance festival.
Because I’m preparing for a renaissance festival.
Because I’m recovering from a renaissance festival.
Because I have to do dishes.
Because I have to do laundry.
Because I have to cook dinner.
Because I have to do more dishes.
Why are there still dirty dishes?
Because I’ve been reading too much.
Because I haven’t been reading enough.
Because I’ve been reading the wrong things.
Because I’m busy.
Because I’m bored.
Because I have to work.
Because I have to play.
Because I have to exercise.
Because I have to write down that I exercised.
Because I’m making plans to hang with friends.
Because I’m driving to see my friends.
Why do all my friends live so freaking far away?
Because I need to update Facebook so my friends know I got home safe and didn’t die on the highway.
Because I’m sleepy.
Because I can’t sleep.
Because the neighbors have their TV on too loud.
Because the other neighbors are having a party and drunk people are being shouty in the parking lot until 3:00 AM.
Because once the neighbors shut the f—— up, my cat starts to make noise.
Because I have library books that I need to return.
Because before returning my library books I have to review them on Goodreads.
Because I went to the library just to return books, I swear, and now I have six more that have to be read and returned in two weeks.
Because there is a new recipe I want to try.
Because I want comfort food.
Because I have to go to the grocery store.
Because the are still f—— dirty dishes in the f—— sink!
Because I haven’t been on my bicycle since October.
Because my mother called and wants me to come over.
Because I signed up for a thirty-day free trial of Netflix.
Because somebody invited me to fighter practice.
Because I have a writer’s group meeting.
Because it’s Writer’s Night Out and I wanna watch people get drunk.
Because there’s a cat on my lap and the rules say I can’t get up from the couch unless she leaves first.
Because every time I start to type there’s a kitty on the keyboard.
Because it’s time to feed the cat.
Because it’s time to get my laundry out of the machine.
Because I haven’t talked to anyone all day and I’m now convinced nobody likes me.
Because I’ve been dealing with people all day and now I need to hide.
Because of crosswords.
And jigsaw puzzles.
And blogs.
And cute cat videos.
Because I have nothing to write about.
Because I have something to write about but it’s lame.
Because writing isn’t what’s important today.
Because writing is so important it deserves more effort and attention than I have to spare right now.
Because I forgot to write today.
Because I can catch up tomorrow.
Because somebody once told me to get a life; I did, and now I have no time.

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