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Obstacle or Excuse?

The biggest obstacle that keeps me from writing is the same thing that enables me to write in the first place: my mind. My mind never stops. Even when I’m trying to sleep. Especially when I am trying to sleep. I worry and doubt and question and berate constantly. I have an idea, but as […]

Ignoring the Obstacles

This week has been a difficult one for writing. I could share with you a tale of woe, lamenting the various obstacles that have kept me from my writing. But it would only be half true. You see, while there are a number of obstacles to writing, I alone allow them to distract me. I am […]

Being Fear’s Bitch: A Guide to Not Writing

Stop being a filthy, damned liar.  The only thing keeping you from writing is you. You don’t have the time? Make time. You’ve got a busy life? Then schedule it in. Either start being honest about the reason you’re not writing, or start being honest about the fact that you don’t want it enough to […]

Decisively, A Writer

“But the cure for most obstacles is, Be decisive.” – George Weinberg Life has a tendency to step on its own toes. Our interests and pass-times are more diverse and numerous than ever in human history. Our own worst enemy is sometimes our success. Once upon a time, if you were a writer, you probably […]

Obstacle Course (Week of 23 April 2012)

In life there are thousands of obstacles that can run a writer’s best laid plans aground: meetings, power outages, illness, you know, the Sudden Things. Then there are the Things that we know about, the Potential Things: families, work, friends, pets, school. All these Things are somehow accounted for and yet we know that they’ll […]