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There’s a tradition in rock music of learning your favorite songs note for note and then playing them for money in a bar band. Freebird. Smoke on the Water. Johnny B. Goode. I learned ‘em all. Smoke was the one I liked playing best and these were the tip of the iceberg for me as […]


This summer was the opposite of hectic, in that nothing big went on — but emotionally, it was busy. As such, I didn’t do a ton of writing. I would start something new, then the excitement (or catharsis) would fizzle and I’d find myself disinterested again. What I did was listen to a lot of […]

Commercial Breaks and Soundtracks

It’s all music and television for me. Though not together. That’s just silly. I’m really into television as a medium. I will marathon a television show just so I can watch a whole story unfold at once; it’s the closest we get to novels in a visual format, if novels had filler episodes. (It’s not […]

All That Surrounds Me

All sorts of things have triggered something in my head and gotten the idea rolling, then the idea takes hold and I go along and start working it out as I mentioned here. But what kinds of things trigger that moment of inspiration? I’m glad you asked because I was going to if you didn’t. […]