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Writers are Clay, Life is the Mold

I believe that every experience a writer has shapes his or her writing. Everything we do informs and influences who we are, and therefore what we write. Some of the things are minor. If I read a really good book, maybe my writing sounds like that style for awhile. If I find something incredibly unjust, […]

Rise Above the Tears

Sometimes, tears can be our greatest inspiration. They force us to react, and rise above ourselves. Almost a year ago, I really kicked up my writing output. I wrote a lot. I read a lot. I started to find myself as an artist. Then, in December, my Grandpa Joe lay in hospice, dying of cancer. […]

The Exotic Mundane

“An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.” – George Santayana The writer’s mind is like a sponge, absorbing all moisture from around it, only to spill everything when squeezed. Your life is going to creep in to your writing, even if you don’t subscribe to the “write what you know” […]

Seriously, Try This at Home

Sometimes external influences are awesome for writing. Sometimes they’re really not. Sometimes only in moderation. There are three things that do wonders for my writing ability when consumed in moderation:  caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Of those three, caffeine has the most positive effect on me… it is also what I can have the most of […]