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Apple of Her Mother’s Eye

“Mom! We’re out of apples,” Alexa yelled, head stuck deep in the refrigerator. She couldn’t keep the panic from her voice. “Well, take a pear instead!” Alexa rummaged through the fruit drawer again, hoping maybe one rolled behind something else. “Alexa Dawn, don’t stand there with the refrigerator door open.” “Mom. I need an apple.” […]

Apple Heart

When I was born, I did not have a heart, so the Doctor fashioned one for me out of an apple. In return, every day for the rest of my life, I was to bring him an apple. Until I was old enough to walk, mama delivered the apple to the Doctor, carrying me swaddled […]

Il Dottore

Il Dottore never changed. Il Dottore always strode into the amphitheater, dusty black robes swirling about him, never looking to right or left. He landed at the lectern like a swooping hawk, turned piercing eyes to survey the students seated in the tiers. Il Dottore commanded silence with that glare and not one of the […]

Ugly Fruit

Eward Sullivan was dying. “Isn’t there an herb?” asked Inga, his wife. “I’ve still got the silver chalice from my dowry. Money won’t be a problem.” “No,” the grim faced valley physician told her over Eward’s head, as though he weren’t right there listening. “His heart’s just bad.” “Nothing bad about my Eward’s heart,” she […]