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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I have no idea how the universal translator works. It just does. The thing about keeping bar in an interdimensional speakeasy is that nobody really speaks English, except for myself, and I don’t speak Alien. Nobody really speaks “Alien.” “Alien” isn’t one language, it’s every language, and even some modes of communication I’m not certain […]

The Brewmaster’s Armor

“Ah, there she is — the beauty of Stowreath!” “I’ve told you, if you keep calling me that, I’ll start selling to other taverns.” Vigdis directed her hired men to carry the barrels of beer to the storeroom behind the bar. She followed behind them, past the smattering of customers at scuffed tables; this time […]

The Wrong John Dunham

The ghost didn’t leave after the séance was over. That hadn’t ever happened to me before. Although I hadn’t ever had a real ghost show up to one of my fake séances in the first place. It started off as one of the fake séances Madame had me do for her shop’s off-the-street clientele. Madame […]