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The Fastest Thing

I remember a joke of when I was younger. With younger, I mean really young. I don’t remember how old but like, maybe 10? It was definitely in elementary school, that I remember. We used to think we were so cool, my friends and I, telling dirty, “adult” jokes. The premise was simple, a school […]

Electric-type Revenge

Ash sat in his beat-up silver Honda, waiting. The prison parking lot was mostly empty at this time of day and he’d parked inconspicuously amongst some employee vehicles. Twenty-five years they’d been locked in this dance, Ash and Team Rocket. Twenty-five years of lies, and kidnapping attempts. Sometimes it felt like they’d met on a […]


“I’m –   “I’m Done,” he said and set the glass down on the painfully white bar in the more painfully white and other wise featureless room. “I’m finally well and truly done.” He turned the glass around completely twice. He couldn’t recall having put on a white suit yet he wore one now. In […]

Life and Limb

My brother Tommy had always been twitchy. He was born wound tight, and growing up in our house hadn’t done the kid any favors. But when Tommy stumbled into Momma’s kitchen that day, pale faced and clutching the crumbled paper bag under one arm, the look in his eyes told me something was seriously wrong […]

Clowning Around (Flash Fiction)

Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I can remember what my life was like before the circus came to town. Don’t get me wrong. It sucked then too, but nobody had died yet, so there were advantages. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh, God. Not another spooky carnival story.” Well it’s not. So shut up. I’m […]