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Tourtime Terms and Conditions, Page 6

will not be held liable for any incidents, physical or otherwise, which arises or results due to one or more of the following temporal anomalies: inserting yourself into earlier or later branches of your family genealogy; transporting, removing or otherwise redistributing such items defined as illegal contraband in Section III.B.2.ii; directly or indirectly acting as, […]

The Scavenger’s Jar

It stood taller than Elijah, wrapped in layers and layers of light fabric that wafted around its’ frame as the boom of air settled. His chest heaved from where he stood in the corner, holding tight the broom his mother had thrown in earlier. You need to sweep that hellhole! she’d said with a laugh […]

Deep Shaft Run

In the mid-38th century (OT calendar), Trans-temporal Combat Chess reached the peak of its popularity. The rules were simple– using traditional chess moves on a checkered floor, two teams maneuvered for strategic advantage. Each square was assigned a particular temporal-spacial milieu chosen from the known scope of human history. When two players challenged for a […]

Timeline Unlimited, Inc.

“No, that’s not it at all, Mr. Evans.  There is no such thing as travelling through time.  It is a bit of a misunderstanding in the public to be sure, but our company cannot, nor will it ever, send anyone back through time.” I blinked a few times, “…Okay… Well, what exactly do you do […]

Until Death Do Us Part

Her hand was soft in mine, delicate and smooth as the day I met her. Not a trace of the spots beginning to darken and form on my own hands. I prayed that she did not look down and notice them. She hadn’t last time, but they were more noticeable now. When she gazed upon […]