NaNoWriMo Week 3: Or, Ugh.

November means two things for me this year. NaNoWriMo is the obvious one. It’s why you are here. The second, and slightly more important, is the end of the last Fall semester of my Master’s degree. This week meant a lot of writing, just not the kind of writing that I would like to talk about here. I wrote around 6,000 words of academic writing. I read a lot. The Turn of the Screw and Frankenstein. Dracula is sitting on the coffee table in front of me, waiting to be picked up. I’ve already read over 100 pages today. I watched Jack Clayton’s Turn of the Screw adaptation, The Innocents, and analyzed it for visual symbolism. Then there was a bibliography due for the final paper in my adaptation class. Did I lose anyone in all of that? I’ll just stop there before we get into the article I had to summarize on the children in The Turn of the Screw as they relate to Gothic liminality. Don’t know what liminality is? Neither did I until this week.

Long story not so short, this week was about a lot of things that didn’t have anything to do with NaNoWriMo. The little writing I got to do went very well, and I am sad that I got out of the habit. One of my favorite things about NaNoWriMo is the day-to-day grind. I enjoy it in some sick way. Hopefully, I will be able to clear some time to get back to it this week before I get too far behind. I’m still in good shape for my expected 25,000 words. I just can’t have any more weeks like this week.

Be sure to check out to keep up on all the updates from the local newspaper coverage of the Lawrence region.

NaNoWriMo progress: 14,346

Jack Campbell, Jr. is a dark fiction writer in Lawrence, KS. His writing has appeared in various venues including Twenty 3 Magazine, Danse Macabre, and Insomnia Press. He writes about reading, writing, and life on his blog at


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