Cooking and Dreams

Maybe we’ve been watching the Food Network too often. It’s possible it was the feta cheese and pepperoni pizza we ate before going to bed. Or it could be that we just like thinking of weird topics to torture our writers with when it’s confabulation week at the Cafe.

This month, we’re asking our writers to give us their best flash fiction on the topics of cooking and dreams. How these are included, however, is up to each individual writer. The stories we have to offer are a collection of good dreams, bad dreams, aquatic dreams, dreams of food, dream eaters, and dream makers.

If nothing else, this collection of flash stories is likely to give our readers the munchies. So sit back, enjoy our tales, and dream.

“Mercury Beach” by Jack Campbell, Jr.
“Living Memory” by Larry Jenkins
“Cauldron of Dreams” by Kevin Wohler
“Dreaming About Dinner” by Sara Lundberg
“The Dream Eaters” by R.L. Naquin
“Bad Dreams” by Muriel Green
“Gravity” by Ted Boone
“Ice Cream in an Age of Entropy” by Angela Kordahl
“If You Could Invite Anyone to a Dinner Party, Who Would You Ask?” by Jason Arnett
“Burnt Lasagna Dreams” by Amanda Jaquays
“To Dream of Impossible Dreams” by Aspen Junge