First and Last

The Confabulators are back doing what we love to do: telling stories. This time the challenge was to use a first line and last line devised by the Editorial Board of the Cafe.

The first line that all of our writers must use is: “I think I got everyone.” And the last line is: “This is better than anything.”

The coffee’s hot and the stories are ready to go. Pull up a chair and settle in. We’ll do our best to entertain you.

“Collectors” by Jack Campbell, Jr.
“Radio Days” by Larry Jenkins
“Birth Pangs” by Kevin Wohler
“The Douchebaggery Virus” by Sara Lundberg
“Escalating Heaven” by R.L. Naquin
“Colors of a Childhood Day” by Muriel Green
“Little Engine” by Ted Boone
“The Dock Worker” by Ashley Poland
“Friends With Benefits” by Aspen Junge