Straeon Manor Stories

Welcome to Straeon Manor. Together, our writers are building this house room by room.

Straeon Manor at the Confabulator Cafe

Our writers have been asked to imagine a year and to pick one of its rooms. The stories they tell will all become part of the house’s history.

Here you will here stories of wartime and of peace. Of love, jealousy, mystery and madness. You will discover murder and horrors beyond belief, but also  moments of wondrous beauty.

Join us as we visit (and revisit) this special house. It is an old house, but no one is sure how old it is. It’s filled with mysteries, and together we will discover what some of those mysteries are.

So, come inside. Find a room. And enjoy your stay.

First Stories (Foundations)

You may read a story set in a wine cellar in 1880s, a trophy room during the Roaring Twenties, or a kitchen during the Lyndon Johnson administration. Regardless of where and when the story takes place, they all take place here, in Straeon Manor.

Second Stories (Settling In)

It’s Christmastime at Straeon Manor. Many of the stories in this second round are set around the holidays. Some are likely to be stories of family, others of loss. Regardless, we hope you enjoy each of these gifts from the Confabulator Cafe.

Third Stories (Construction and Hidden Passages)

The Straeon Manor stories never end. In these additional confabulations, you’ll learn more about the house and who built it. Are these stories true? Are they a work of fiction? Who can tell?