Time Sleeper

It would be nice if a delightful wormhole existed nearby. We could all travel through it to go visit different points of time on holiday. It would be grand fun. However, there is no such thing. Thus, that method of time travel, if really possible, is just a theory on the minds of some. Time travel can be seen as different things when one gets right down to it.

Take an ordinary healthy adult person and pause their body from aging. Do it by freezing them, by stasis, or by injecting them with a chemical. The details on this are not important. Just make sure they are stuck. Make sure the world, and time, moves forward without them.

Now, here’s the tricky part. After the world, and time, has aged a bit, you wake the person. You let the alarm go off blaring. You press play. You unstick them, unfreeze them, or inject them with a ‘go’ chemical. Again, the details are not important.

Time is relative. The unstuck person feels like he has traveled in time. Who are we to argue?

For thousands of years, people attempted to write down history, even attempted to make it interesting by engaging in dramatic and exciting story-telling, but to no avail. Person after person, civilization after civilization just kept making the same mistakes. They kept repeating the same kind of suffering over and over. Growth was limited.

The planet was dying. Something had to be done, so many people volunteered to travel to the future, to be living breathing interactive historians. Why read about a war when you could talk to someone who has seen it? At least, that was the justification for the first wave of time sleepers. Out of the thousands of volunteers, only thirty-two were chosen. An additional forty-eight were chosen to be their care-takers. Among them were pilots, doctors, engineers, scientists, botanists, anything one might need to survive in outer space on a specialty designed space craft that was going to travel away from Earth for one hundred fifty years before coming back. Several generations of the care-takers would have to keep things up and running and to keep the time sleepers stable. That meant generations of families. Over time, it also meant a new religion. (more…)

A Multiverse of Possibilities

“Fuck Werner!”


LeBron James dribbled out the last four seconds with little pressure from the Sixers, as his team had a comfortable 11 point lead. The time ran out and he threw the ball in the air, embracing teammates Kevin Durant and Andrew Wiggins in the middle of the court. This was a historic night for James. Notching his fourth ring with the Toronto Raptors in as many years, and adding to the three he got in Houston, he had finally surpassed Michael Jordan’s legacy and cemented himself as the GOAT. At 36 years old, he could finally retire in peace.

“Wait, who’s Werner?”

Jeremiah smiled slyly and reached for his empty beer glass. Noticing how lightweight the glass felt he forcefully dropped it back on the table, probably still mad at the game.

“Want another beer?”

“Ah… sure.”

“Good. You’re buying.”

Kevin chuckled to himself, but quietly agreed. Unlike Jeremiah, who refused logic by being part of team #NEVERBRON, Kevin had actually made some money on this game. He pulled out his phone and went to the TrueSportsbetting app. Yes, he had made roughly $500, out of the more than $5,000 he had bet. The odds weren’t paying very much for the Raptors, with four all-stars on the team, they were by far the clear favorites. (more…)

All The Time We Need

Much needed August rain spotted her dusty wind shield as Caroline pressed her pass to the identifier, and then, her ring finger print. Nodding to the guard, she drove the FEMA van through the gate to the restricted area. Around her neck, were nine badges, and her eye was the final key to the interior lock of the old missile silo.

Caroline’s parents, Sophie and Frank, molecular physics professors, had spent their lives developing their dream. Unknown to the University and the Board of Regents, their true work was hidden in the confines of a superfund site. And now, passing through the final locked door, she was going to fulfill their dying wish.

Lead Engineer, Jordan, her handsome fiancé, greeted her in a warm embrace, nuzzling her neck. She air kissed his cheek and took off her hard hat.

Her father’s handpicked team of grad students was assembled. The systems were set. Alone, in the private office her parents had once occupied, she took deep breaths to shake off her pre-travel nerves. With a touch of a button, hidden under the chair rail on the wall, the panels silently moved to display the panorama of the lab just beyond the office door.

Sophie had designed this office to spend as much private time with her beloved husband as possible, as Frank kept his micromanaging eye on everything.

They had both cautioned Caroline to keep this view a secret, but she had decided to reveal it to Jordan when she returned from her travel. After all, he was her father’s most favored protégé, and they would be married next month.

From the windows, she watched the team activate the systems for the maiden near journey. Sophie had always planned that Caroline would be the first. Frank, a life-long feminist, thought it was a funny idea – taking the trip before she got her MRS. Degree, a sign that he approved of her engagement with Jordan.

It was Sophie’s idea to use a new minivan – in a style that hadn’t changed much for the past five years so it wouldn’t stand out in the near past and could be considered a desired antique in the decades to come. (more…)

The Museum of Claire

The Museum of Claire is 32 dollars to get in but it’s well worth the price of admission if you’re interested in our time traveler. The numbers vary, but there are currently seven Claires in residence, ranging in age from 24 to 53-years-old.

I would recommend making the trip soon.


Claire has three rules if she stays with us and they’ve never broken them.

1. She must never have any contact with any of the other Claires in residence. Claire is carefully scheduled and managed to keep her away from her other selves.

2. She must not interfere with herself in any other way. The museum is a place of rest and recuperation. Neutral ground.

3. Claire must stay sober while in residence here. (more…)

The Past Like a Pudding

Hart surveyed the team of Time Engineer s busying about the parking garage. He knew this mission was more likely than most to get him killed, but at least it promised to be extra interesting. Partly due to ‘technical challenges,’ but mostly because of his guest agent.

The spies Hart usually escorted into the past were quiet, stern, and in their mid-forties. They didn’t care about Hart’s part of the job—the ins and outs of time travel. They wanted to get straight to the secrets he could show them. But Agent Victoria Cross, a young, red-headed Brit, had been downright effervescent about traveling through time. As well she should be, Hart thought. His job was, after all, really cool. (more…)