Inspired Stories

This month, the Cafe is challenging our writers to create a flash fiction short story inspired by an image. This is a bit different than the “Worth 1,000 Words” challenge we had back in March. Instead of everyone having a different image to work with, this month each writer will get his or her inspiration from the same painting.

Becky by Dave DeHetre

“Becky” by Dave DeHetre. Used with permission of the artist.

This painting, titled “Becky,” is the work of Lawrence-based artist Dave DeHetre. It should be noted that because of the powerful image presented here — and in light of recent events in Aurora, Colorado — we gave our writers the option to opt-out of using the painting for this month’s stories.

In the past, Dave DeHetre has been an integral part of the local writers group. Lately he has poured his creative passion into painting and photography. You can see more examples of his work on his Flickr photostream.

We are very happy to have Dave’s painting as a starting point for this month’s fiction.

“A Burial” by Jack Campbell, Jr.
“Neighborhood Watch” by Larry Jenkins
“Munitions Run” by Sara Lundberg
“Trapped in a Doll’s Body” by Amanda Jaquays
“Witness” by Kevin Wohler
“Culvert” by Jason Arnett
“Human Interest” by Ashley Poland
“Rules” by Ted Boone