Not every writer spends his or her days thinking about mayhem and murder. Sure, there are those — like Sara Paretsky, James Patterson, or Michael Connelly — who write mystery or crime stories for a living. But most writers don’t spend their days thinking about the darker side of the human condition.

We all secretly want to get even with someone at some time or another. Maybe it’s an ex-lover, an evil boss, an annoying co-worker, or a neighbor who mows the lawn at 6:00 a.m. every Saturday. But for most of us, a desire for payback is a fleeting thought that quickly goes away.

One of our writers (Jason) recommended that our flash fiction assignment this month should challenge our writers to think hard about getting even. With no other conditions or restrictions, he suggested the writers create a 1000-word “revenge story.”

This week at the Cafe, our writers are giving us flash fiction with a retribution theme. Whether funny or heartbreaking, frightening or amazing, these stories are going to entertain you. And they might make you think twice about doing someone wrong.

“Pushing Dominoes” by Jack Campbell, Jr.
“Scout Pack” by Larry Jenkins
“Paper Cut Revenge” by Sara Lundberg
“Refusal to Move” by Amanda Jaquays
“Buttoned Down” by R.L. Naquin
“Prized Collection” by Kevin Wohler
“Blockhead” by Ted Boone
“What is Best in Life” by Jason Arnett
“Pigtails & Bows” by Ashley Poland