A Multiverse of Possibilities

“Fuck Werner!” “Who?” LeBron James dribbled out the last four seconds with little pressure from the Sixers, as his team had a comfortable 11 point lead. The time ran out and he threw the ball in the air, embracing teammates Kevin Durant and Andrew Wiggins in the middle of the court. This was a historic […]

The Bounty Hunters

“Literally everything about this is illegal.” Jake kept pushing through, seemingly impervious to the risks we were taking.  “Would you stop being such a worrying baby?” His response was coarse like always.  “Are you seriously not afraid? What if we get caught?” Jake stopped in his tracks and looked at me seriously.  “Listen, I’m going […]

100% Fatal

The steak in the table across from mine looks as succulent as I always remembered it to be. The lady who ordered it moves her utensils with precision and the knife cuts through it with almost unreal ease. Red juices flow from it, and my saliva follows suit. There’s actual saliva dripping. I quickly clean […]

The Fastest Thing

I remember a joke of when I was younger. With younger, I mean really young. I don’t remember how old but like, maybe 10? It was definitely in elementary school, that I remember. We used to think we were so cool, my friends and I, telling dirty, “adult” jokes. The premise was simple, a school […]