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Friends With Benefits (Flash Fiction)

“I think I got everyone,” Chet said, frowning at RSVPs on Facebook. He was fretting over the guest list for our dinner party. Frankly, I couldn’t see why he was making such a fuss over it all— when we had first broached the idea of a housewarming I suggested we just have the gang over […]

Little Engine (Flash Fiction)

“I think I got everyone.” “Are you certain, little one?” Of course I was certain. Then, curious, I decided to check again. Two thousand and forty three instantiations had completed their tasks and returned before timeout. I rechecked the logs, comparing checksums and reviewing routing histories, and concluded, just as before, that integrity had not […]

Colors of a Childhood Day (Flash Fiction)

“I think I got everyone.” I said to myself under my breath. The green army man was digging into my side, but I didn’t loosen my grasp on the toys at all. I walked through the pain and stared straight at Cary’s grey house on the horizon. The grey house became blurry and far-away looking […]

The Douchebaggery Virus (Flash Fiction)

I think I got everyone. I cocked my head to the side, listening. Silence as the smoke cleared. I held my breath for a moment, and that’s when I heard it. The tiniest squeak. I yanked back the door that had been partially knocked off its hinges to reveal my terrified assistant. How had she […]