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To Dream of Impossible Dreams (Flash Fiction)

Miklos had been dreaming of bacon for a solid week before he decided, by God, to do something about it. Almost anything could be gotten at Capricorn Station. It was a transport and commerce hub for twelve star systems. Species, races, and cultures of all kinds passed through, for diplomatic or economic exchange, or on […]

Burnt Lasagna Dreams (Flash Fiction)

The house was on fire again. It wasn’t my fault. Really. I work in dreams. Daydreams, nightmares, wet dreams, if you can dream it, chances are I—or one of my coworkers—had a hand in it. The longer your fantasy, the longer I’m pulled away from whatever it is I’m working on. The pay is great. […]

Gravity (Flash Fiction)

“You’re dropping down the well?” Lisbeth asked. Glyphs fluttered in agitation around her head, broadcasting confusion and disappointment, anger and bitterness. Beneath her halo, Lisbeth further punctuated the sentiment of her glyphs with a mildly furrowed brow. The effort marred her otherwise placid expression. “I am,” Ji said with a smile. Glyphs of confidence and […]