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Bad Dreams (Flash Fiction)

“Maybe it was something I ate.” Claire said out loud, wiping sweat off the bridge of her nose with the sleeve of her t-shirt. Dan started at her, his head still on the pillow, his eyes foggy with sleep. “I’ll go spend the rest of the night on the couch.” Claire said to him. “You […]

Cauldron of Dreams (Flash Fiction)

Devlin was hovering around my feet. Again. He always hovered when I was working. He danced around like a child needing to relieve himself. His diminutive size did nothing to help dispel the image. “Do you need anything? I can get some of the ingredients for you.” “I have everything I need,” I told him. […]

Living Memory (Flash Fiction)

He called to ask if I was going to my mother’s funeral.  I don’t think I am. That he would be in a position to make the phone call at all is, I’m sure, a surprise to everyone in my family. We never imagined the old man would outlive our mother. For as long as […]

Mercury Beach (Flash Fiction)

Surely, the shark brought Glen the angel. It wasn’t something he normally would have eaten, but there, in the Yoshi Steakhouse, Glen decided to feast on a flank of the world’s oldest predator. That night, lying down to sleep between handmade silk sheets, he closed his sake-weighted eyes and slept the greatest sleep of his […]

Cooking and Dreams (Week Ending June 2)

Maybe we’ve been watching the Food Network too often. It’s possible it was the feta cheese and pepperoni pizza we ate before going to bed. Or it could be that we just like thinking of weird topics to torture our writers with when it’s confabulation week at the Cafe. This month, we’re asking our writers […]