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Soul Bracelet

Alexandra felt certain that the heat was literally melting her flesh from her bones as she sat in front of the wheezing fan. This summer had been particularly brutal and the weatherwoman predicted no break in the heat on the horizon. “Seriously, Grandma Jean, can we turn the freaking AC on?” The fan distorted Alexandra’s […]

Jericho’s Note

“What is life?” She asked the question then threw her hands up in the air. She hated dumb. Stupid. Idiocy. Needy. All of it. “What now?” Cameryn peered over the top of her phone and stared. “Jericho? What?” But Jericho was lost again, spinning her hands around and had no idea she was doing it. […]

Factory Fur Nightmares

The dew of the early morning soaked the chenille corpse beside her. Polyester stuffing drifted down the alley in the wind. Izzie squatted and considered the remnants. It was a clean kill. She’d cut the belly open from stem to neck and severed the head from the teddy bear, just to be sure. She didn’t […]

The Muse of Suicide

They are pretty, aren’t they? This bracelet is my very favorite thing. It has taken a long time to collect these charms. Each one is a very special memory of someone very dear to me. Everyone deserves to be remembered, don’t they? Especially beloved friends. Do you see these baby shoes? They’re not for a […]

Three Favors

Outside the door, Ashley paused with her hand on the cold steel of the knob. She knew the lonely, dark silence that waited for her inside the house. The modest looking brick two story was once a home, but now it was just an empty space. It was going to swallow her whole. The city […]