Anita C. Young

Nicholas Does Science

Nicholas and his fascinating obsession with science.   Their home wasn’t enormous, but it was more spacious than average to afford extra room for books and research. It was also located near the center of the underground town and had belonged to Storykeeper families for generations. “Nicholas, where are you?” Eidald called as he searched […]


“Bernard!” Philip’s voice carried easily across the grungy one bedroom apartment. Bernard knew that tone, knew what it meant, and knew the fear that would be reflected in his eyes would only enrage Philip more. “You didn’t wind the bloody alarm! Do you want me to lose my job?!” Philip emerged from the bedroom, suspenders […]


Orlen stood back and looked at their work. “Do you think it’ll work?” he asked his brother, Neven. “Now you want my opinion?” Neven snapped as he knocked on a length of the solid wooden fence. “Cloth wouldn’t work, Orlen.” “How do you know? Rosella said they tried it and it worked on their section […]

Only You

The crystals hanging from the shop door jingled and Alexandra looked up from counting inventory to find a confused girl looking around. Of all the curio shops, why did she have to come to mine? Alexandra wanted to crawl behind the shelves and duck away into the back room. Too bad those beaded curtains would […]

The Crow Keeper

Emmaline hesitated to ask the girl what was wrong. Far too often it led to a game or trick being played on her, but Nadia’s distress appeared to be quite real. “What’s wrong?” “Claudia has been gone for nearly two weeks. She should have been back by now.” “She’s a clever girl. I’m sure she’s […]