Rob Conway

Fear, Rejection and Spring Traditions

“We fear the wrong things you know.” “Why do you say that?” “We should be a afraid of not getting a job someday.” He nodded solemnly. “Economy is bad.” “Exactly.” “That is what we should fear.” “Agreed.” “Not this other stuff.” “Agree again.” “So are you going to ask someone?” “Doubt it.” Damon jumped down […]

Awkward Silences

‘I am so tired of disappointing you.” “Why do you think that?” “The way you look at me, I can tell.” He jingled the change in his hand. Nervous habit. She looked at him and laughed, a forced kind of laugh. “I didn’t know you were such an expert in body language.” Then she gave […]

Jericho’s Note

“What is life?” She asked the question then threw her hands up in the air. She hated dumb. Stupid. Idiocy. Needy. All of it. “What now?” Cameryn peered over the top of her phone and stared. “Jericho? What?” But Jericho was lost again, spinning her hands around and had no idea she was doing it. […]

Fall Interrupted

Never start with the weather.  It is trite to use the fancy word, but it really is just that.  Trite.  Never start a story with the weather.  So let us ignore the obvious, the fact that as I sit here pathetic and pathetic and still pathetic, something inside me metaphorically dying, the world maybe dying […]

To Simplify Sadly

I believe in the fugue.  Even though the fugue is not what I think it is.  But most things aren’t what we think they are.  That might be why they are things, but I digress into philosophy now and I fear to go there.  My thoughts are coming to me, fast but jumbled, the best […]