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Character vs. Plot: The Chicken or the Egg?

The simple answer to whether plot or character is more important is that it depends on what genre you’re talking about. If you write literary fiction, character is king. The plot is secondary. But I don’t write literary fiction. In genre fiction, specifically urban fantasy for me, both are of equal importance. A great plot […]


In character development, as in a lot of other aspects of writing, having a good reader is an essential part of the writing process.  A response helps clarify if you have communicated what you intended to, or if you have written down quite another world than the one inside your head. Classic writing class instruction […]

Commercial Breaks and Soundtracks

It’s all music and television for me. Though not together. That’s just silly. I’m really into television as a medium. I will marathon a television show just so I can watch a whole story unfold at once; it’s the closest we get to novels in a visual format, if novels had filler episodes. (It’s not […]