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5 Changes to Succeed in Writing

About 20-some-odd years ago, I decided I was going to be a published author. After many mistakes and missteps, this dream finally became a reality in 2012 with my first sale of a short story. (My story will be published as part of an anthology in August.) Now, 20+ years is a long time for […]

Not All Change is Bad

A lot can happen in a year. After all, a year is 365 days, each one filled with possibility and opportunity and challenges. In 2012, I went from writing as a hobby to seriously thinking about how I can get one of my stories published. Then, I moved to believing that I could get an […]

No Fear

This year has been crazy awesome, and it’s changed me accordingly. It’s quite possible that I, myself, am crazier than I started out at the beginning of the year. Or maybe I started out this way. You have to be at least a little nuts in the first place to choose writing as a career. […]

A New Year’s Self-Evaluation

You never stop learning as a writer. I firmly believe Hemingway when he says “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” As you read, write, and then read and write some more, you change as a writer. Sometimes, that change is barely perceptible, like a rock in a […]

New Year, New You? (Week of 6 January 2013)

Winter is a time when things reset, readying themselves to be born anew when the weather warms up, and for assessing what needs to be done. And 2013 has a great deal of promise for us here at the Cafe. Several regulars have been published and are continuing to be published in the months ahead. […]