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Jade and Hugo

Literally everything about this is illegal. The language this is written in, and the fact you can read it, which means you know this language, so yes, you reading these words right now is an unlawful act. The device you are using to read this should not exist. All electronic devices that display this language […]


Literally everything about this is illegal, Ezryn thought as she studied the graffiti outside the Temple law enforcement building. Dane was late. Very unbecoming an Officer of Civility. High Rule 14: Respect Other People’s Time. Right there, in the Temple constitution. But Officer Dane Ray played fast and loose with the rules. Then, she heard […]

Death World One

I finally found the exit. We had to double-back from the Interstellar 405 to find the damn thing. The wormhole was not well marked, let me tell you. Earth is out in the middle of nowhere and there are hardly any beacons out there. It was not a great start to our vacation. The kids […]

Don’t Let Me Drown

I finally found the exit. Through a barred door with creaky hinges toward the back of my mind, where I mostly don’t go because the cobwebs of unpleasant memories are thick. The spiders are long dead, of course. Only their gray, dried carcasses remain, hanging by threads or wound tightly in ancient silk strings strung […]


I finally found the exit. The facility was a labyrinth, a seemingly unending collection of locked doors and twisting corridors. It had been much more difficult to find the reception area than I expected. But then, when I came in, someone from the drug trial had given me the grand tour. I didn’t know I’d have […]