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Arbor Day

Marvin’s war with the squirrels began with the roar of a chainsaw. He stood in his backyard wearing a Budweiser baseball cap, a pair of short shorts, and a farmer’s tan. Red body hair nearly hid a faded “April” tattoo that arched over his round gut. My daughter Tressa watched him front the fence line, as […]

The Election

“Dear, what are you looking at?” The man, hunched over in the doorway, looked over at his wife. She had one hand on her hip, the other held back the dark curtain just enough to poke her sun-spotted nose through the opening. She glared at something outside. “It’s back!” She said and let the curtain […]


Orlen stood back and looked at their work. “Do you think it’ll work?” he asked his brother, Neven. “Now you want my opinion?” Neven snapped as he knocked on a length of the solid wooden fence. “Cloth wouldn’t work, Orlen.” “How do you know? Rosella said they tried it and it worked on their section […]

Fear, Rejection and Spring Traditions

“We fear the wrong things you know.” “Why do you say that?” “We should be a afraid of not getting a job someday.” He nodded solemnly. “Economy is bad.” “Exactly.” “That is what we should fear.” “Agreed.” “Not this other stuff.” “Agree again.” “So are you going to ask someone?” “Doubt it.” Damon jumped down […]