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To all the things we leave behind, The broken hearts, the dying dreams The gravestones and the unknowns.   Is it better to be the one who’s gone, Or the one who’s left behind? To be haunted by the ghosts of death, Or the ghosts of unknown Fate?

Winter Wings

I hear the birds’ chatter high in the trees, And the frurr-frurr of their wings as they fly, The bright colors of cardinals I see, Vivid against snowy trees and pale sky. O, how blue the jay and black the grackle, How brilliantly red the kinglet’s head, As they perch in fir and cedar, their […]

Rhyme for a Reason

I am the first to admit that as an appreciator of art, I am bone lazy. I like my paintings and sculptures pretty, my music melodic, my novels to have plots and sympathetic characters, and my poetry to rhyme. Yeah, the nerve of me! Each weekday morning I drift into consciousness to Garrison Kiellor’s Writer’s […]

Poetry in literal motion

In college, I took a class on writing poetry—I needed another creative writing course to graduate, and this was the only one I didn’t have credit for already that was offered that semester—and it only served as confirmation about something I already knew. Poetry and I don’t get along. The final for that class was […]

On the Mixture of Forms

I envy poets. I don’t “get” poetry, and honestly — I don’t go out of my way to read it. It doesn’t resonate with me as a reader, and I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around it as a writer. I wrote poetry as a teenager (please, feel free to laugh) and it was awful. […]