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Of Fathers, Ghosts, and Beans

Lotus had no idea what she was looking at. That is, it was very clear that she was sitting in a giant’s castle, looking at a golden harp with her father’s face carved into one side. She could see where the gold leaf had flaked away on one of his cheeks. The pale wood underneath […]

Kate and Tate were Great

Trying to find the right time to make the announcement felt impossible. Our last concert? What if it ruined the magic for the audience that night? It wouldn’t be fair. Should we say something early so that anyone who’d wanted to make it to one of our shows could try and scrape together a last […]


To all the things we leave behind, The broken hearts, the dying dreams The gravestones and the unknowns.   Is it better to be the one who’s gone, Or the one who’s left behind? To be haunted by the ghosts of death, Or the ghosts of unknown Fate?