September Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

When does autumn officially start? Can it begin in September? I think so. The wild sunflowers are already peeking their heads out. Hopefully soon, the weather will cool down, the leaves will begin to change, and neighbors won’t mind Halloween decorations out this early.

To kick off the Halloween season’s mood, our prompt for this month was “the bite of a creature (insect, animal, person?) either kills you or gives you powers.” Could be spooky or could be super heroes. Only time will tell.

To find out what our sole Confabulator contributor did with the prompt this month, please visit us on the scheduled day:

Monday, September 16: “Blood and Darkness” by Sara Lundberg


The Cutest Dragon

This is Norman. Norman is a dragon.

Norman wasn’t like other dragons. Norman wasn’t scary.

His friends all had horns, or scales, or long, spikey tails. But not Norman. Norman had cute, fluffy feet. And a cute little nose. And big yellow eyes. His spikes were soft and fluffy. Bright spots dotted his belly and long whiskers tickled his face. His tail ended with a big fuzzy pom pom.

Norman didn’t like being cute.

He struggled to hide his cuteness, tearing out his fur and baring his sharp teeth. Being cute made it very hard to scare people.

“You couldn’t kidnap even one princess looking like that,” his friends said.

“I could if I wanted to,” Norman muttered under his breath.

“Oh yeah?” his friends said. The other dragons chose the smallest princess they could find. She was a little girl in a froofy dress sitting beside the pond outside of the castle.


August Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

Welcome back, readers. It’s been rather quiet at the Cafe, these days, and our time is winding down. Our last month of stories will be December.

I’ll write a bit more about that soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy our August story! Our prompt was treehouses versus castles.

Thursday, August 15th: “The Cutest Dragon” by Dianne Williams


All the Same

As soon as my life ended it began anew. I open my eyes to a blur of white-blue light. Only a moment ago I had closed them. My last sight, the faces of my grown children back dropped by beeping machines. How long have I been in stasis? It could have been decades. Or centuries.

“Caroline?” An electronic voice calls my name. I sit up. Miracle! I hadn’t been able to sit up for months leading up to my death. A smile spreads across my face as I enjoy the vitality thrumming within my body. My sitting-up body!

“Am I cured then?”

“It was the agreement. And so you have been awakened.” The voice has no inflection.


July Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

It’s full-on summer, here, so grab an iced latte and relax. We only have one story for you this month, and I blame the heat. Everything is slow and sluggish this time of year, moving even a little causing sweat and exhaustion, and that includes words.

But serious kudos to our sole Confubulator who shook off the summer lethargy to write us a story. The prompt she wrote to: patients are woken up from hibernation when the cures to their diseases have been discovered.

We hope you’ll come visit us when the story goes live! Here’s the date:

Monday, July 15: “All the Same” by Emily Mosher