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The Queen’s Skin

“I haven’t seen you before. How many times have you inhabited that skin?” The girl looked up and slid her hood back to reveal the series of dark dots tattooed above the bridge of her nose, just above the fine lines of dark hair. “Seventeen, m’lady.” With that, she pulled the ivory fabric back up […]

The Red House

The red house shuddered as Tony poured gasoline over the dining room’s bare warped floorboards. He felt its shiver and wondered if it was afraid. The voices whispered, a tiny insect buzz that the drugs kept brushing away. Tony tried to ignore it, to remind himself that houses did not talk. The doctors had told […]

The Heart of Stone Monsters

Leia’s heart seized as the lovely yellow flower was crushed beneath her brother’s stone foot. He marched on as if nothing had happened. In truth, he probably hadn’t even noticed or felt a thing. She shouldn’t have felt a thing, either; golems weren’t known for their feelings, physical or emotional. Either way, her heart broke […]

Flight Mother

It was a calm, crisp autumn day. Perfect weather for jetpack flying. Cadet Betty Clarke joined her partner, Cadet Margaret Leighton, looked smart in their sky blue uniforms and leather flight caps. They helped each other suit up on the flight field, checking over their instruments as they went. These were no longer the heavy […]

Stone Gods in the Heart of the City

Winifred met me at the door, though I had arrived a full fifteen minutes early. She was clearly eager to begin, her enthusiasm for this evening’s adventure in antithesis of my trepidation. As planned, she had divorced herself of her dress and bustle, wearing instead her riding jodhpurs and one of her father’s coats. With […]