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Last Men

She flipped through page after page of headshots. The smiling, clean shaven faces felt false to her. Occasionally she would pause and trail a finger along the stern outline of a jaw before flicking her gaze down to read the words printed beneath. She skimmed the paragraph listing his vitals and skills. This man with […]

Deep Flight – A Tale of Broken Memories

Tenance groaned involuntarily as bright lights flooded his vision once more. His pod door slid open with a smooth hiss of hydraulics, revealing one of the security drones. Again. “There are four critical issues which require your immediate attention,” it said, as the various LED lights in its chest flashed red. “Please make your way […]

June Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

Welcome to another month of free fiction at the Confabulator Cafe. We have a brand new prompt and a whole batch of new stories lined up for you this month. For June, we were tasked to write stories to go with story titles we created. These titles came from a Wordle generated from titles of stories published in Clarkesworld Magazine. Clarkesworld […]