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An Atypical Year

In the bumper at the start of the week, the amorphous management asked of us writers, “Do they love this time of year or hate it? Are the holidays a time of coming together or pulling apart?” And my heart broke, because this year, it’s all of that. I usually love holidays. I love visiting […]

Sad Days = Good Art

Five years ago on Halloween, one of my dogs (who, for people who know me, we treat as our surrogate children) was playing in our backyard when she suddenly started to get sick. If you own dogs, you know that stomach issues are not that uncommon, so we weren’t that worried. I took her to […]

The Aesthetic Tragedy

“Behind every exquisite thing that ever existed, there was something tragic.” ~ Oscar Wilde I am a visual person.  When it comes to structure, I like paragraphs that look good on a page.  I don’t want them to be too long, or too short.  I despise too little dialogue, or too much.  I want a delicate […]