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Escaping to Write

I don’t make time to write. I make time to run . . . away. Lately that’s the only way I can get anything done. Like most of my still-waiting-to-become-career-novelist friends, every day is a balancing act between competing responsibilities. I work from home, I’m the primary care giver for my two children, and I […]

Time in a Bottle (Week of February 10)

The one thing that all writers wish they had more of is time. Whether finding time to write, or re-write, or edit… it always seems that deadlines are looming and there’s not enough minutes or hours in the day. We all want to spend time writing, but most writers have obligations. We have work, families, […]

Where’s My TARDIS?

Has there ever been something for you that can drown out the rest of the world? That can suddenly make deadlines and responsibilities seem unimportant? If you have, then you know how I feel about writing. When I get on a roll, nothing else seems to matter. This writing high is how I survived NaNo […]

Time, You Ain’t No Friend of Mine

I think most writers will tell you that the hardest thing about writing is simply finding time to do it. While I think we all love writing, otherwise we wouldn’t pursue it, there is always something else to do. One of the greatest things about this site is that it gives all of us an […]