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Deadly Seduction

“Deadly Nightshade,” I said, twirling the flower’s delicate stem between my fingers, “also known as Atropa belladonna. Extracts of it have been used as anesthetics, muscle relaxers, and for anti-inflammatory purposes throughout history. The entire plant is extremely toxic, but under the right dosage and conditions, it can be medicinal.” The spiky, five-petaled purple flower […]

Wedding Breakfast

The morning after the wedding, Asa stands at the center of a circle of his kin. Overhead, a startled shout sounds from the bridal suite. It is followed by an audible scuffle and the gathered family laughs. Asa’s uncles are pulling Matthias from his wedding bed. Gavin and Griswald, both in their forties and strongest […]

The Unbrella

Emaline looked out at her village and the noticeably dimmed glowstones lighting the streets of their large cavern. The crops had been reaped and it would be another thirty sleeps worth of guided rest and reflection with the Elders before they could sew the next crop. Oh how I hate the Yule season. Nothing to […]

The Wolf Pack

The young filly was such a feeble little thing, I was scared I wouldn’t be able to get her home before the wolves returned. The green meadow grass was splattered with scarlet blood, and the filly’s bay coat was matted with patches of it. She was young, still gangly and too wobbly to stand on […]

Luck and Whiskey

“Rub the tip for good luck,” Granny said, gesturing to the squat statue perched on the stone table by the front entrance. “I know, Granny,” I reached out and rubbed my hand over the well polished tip as I had ever since my first visit to her house back when my father had to lift […]