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The First Step

This short story takes place in the world I created for my 2012 Nanowrimo novel, There’s No Place Like Hell. The novel is still unfinished, but this short story uses the main character, Kit, and would take place between the first and second book of this series. I do hope to write Kit’s books someday, […]

Copy Rights

“Isn’t that you getting punched in the face by Ron Artest?” Cinco watches a YouTube video of the brawl on his workstation while I try in vain to walk a woman through the technical issues she’s experiencing on our open enrollment system. I mute my call. The woman continues on like I am still listening. […]

The Monologue

I’m Doctor Samuel Tan. You probably recognize me from my numerous interviews, my now-defunct talk show on that awful cable channel, not to mention my picture on the cover of Omni Science magazine’s “10 Scientists to Watch in the New Millennium” issue back in 1999. I dropped off the public’s radar for a few years, because […]

The Book

Moira left the front door open and slumped down on the steps to President Carlton’s private residence. He was in Geneva with the others. The Secret Service sequestered his family in a ‘safe place’. Like there was any place anywhere that was safe. The Enemy already controlled half the world. A warm breeze carried the scent of […]