Fwd: !Urgent – WORLD PEACE is In Your Hands

Hello my dear woman. I hope that this email finds you well because I am in very great need of your help.

You do not know me, but my parents are the King and Queen of a small, but very wealthy, nation. My parents, the King and Queen, feel that it is important for even their youngest child to give something back to the people. Because of that, I have been using my vast leisure time thinking very much about WORLD PEACE.

I have in my possession a three-step plan to enact WORLD PEACE.

I am unwilling to put my entire plan into a public email at the moment as I am being watched most closely by my brother. But I know that you will find it sound and reasonable once I am free to explain the details more fully.

Because my older brother, the Crown Prince, stands to gain a great deal of wealth and power through non-peaceful struggle, he does not wish to see me succeed. I have been jailed many times by my own government and I am currently under house arrest. This is making it very hard for me to enact my very simple three-step plan.

As I cannot contact the key figures in my plan directly, I need an outsider who is able to contact them for me. I have been searching the Internet and I believe that the outsider I need is you. My brother, the Crown Prince, will never suspect you as you have no direct ties to me and you can act as my agent with full authority.

I am willing to compensate you most handsomely, including all travel expenses, of course. I have a great deal of wealth at my disposal as a Prince and I have access to many shadow bank accounts within my government. I am willing to spend with much abandon if it will help me achieve my goal of WORLD PEACE.

Please, all that I ask is that you leave me enough wealth to enact the other parts of my plan. I could pay you 30 billion US dollars if you will help me. I will just need some details from you and a bank account number to transfer the money. I am willing to do this because I Truly Believe that money will be unnecessary once we achieve WORLD PEACE.

I have contacted you several times before and you still do not answer. PLEASE HURRY. I do not know how long my brother, the Crown Prince, will allow me to be free this time. WORLD PEACE is in your hands!!

Dianne Williams lives in Lawrence, Kansas. She grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries and classic science fiction. She once dreamed of being an astronaut. Or maybe a lawyer. Or an artist. She settled for being as many of them as she could all at once through fiction writing.

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